their pathology. The nature, the power of the remedy, and the
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Amyot divided the nodules into two classes, the lym-
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ly, many later compilers ignored Dioscorides' condemnation of alpha-
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phates insoluble, and that this change favors rachitis in children arti"
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ring in the cow and in the horse, are identical in their essence and
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expression, drawn up legs, thoracic type of breathing, and
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The introduction of solid foreign bodies into the sac to serve as a
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thirty cases of apoplectic patients that fell with-
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of Man and Animals. — We have on a previous occasion
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half an inch on each side, but without success. A tampon
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without thoroughly clean hands; by washing and dry-
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be added resorcin, tincture of coal-tar, carbolic acid or
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1871. G-LYXV, Thomas Robinsok, M.D., 62, Rodnej-streei, Liverpool.
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which contaminates the system. All these views have been
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or observations of the narrator. It is easy to collect
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1. Greendyke RM. Traumatic rupture of aorta: special reference to
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Lieb states that this drug increases the rate and tone, but diminishes the
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2 mos. incontinence urine and faces for 1 mo. On adm. : Memory fair ; taste delayed R.
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Eeich and Richter of jreiberg, in a Saxony zinc-blende, and was thus
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Apothecary. — Joseph S. Lang. Assistant Apotheca-
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skin ; the color is usually white, but may be mottled or pig-
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acid only on saccharose. B. dysenteriae Strong pro-
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her with antitoxin. The following day it was decided
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Risley (S- D.) Paralysisof theiris and accommodation fol-
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au point de vue oe la patbog6uie des tissures o.sseuses de
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that for two reasons — because there is a murmur in the mitral area, and
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tute, we expected to have a "good time," — study if we felt inclined that way,
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English surgeon, the late Samuel Smith, of Leeds. He told me
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The oi)inion that the malarial ])arasites rei)resent distinct species
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the pressure; similar pressure on the artery below the
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noticing the peculiar motion, their real nature might
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now discuss the cost of nostrums. My attention was first
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principal constituents of the tobacco — viz., the narcotine, which is so powerful
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1 This may explain the fact that Mohammed, Julius Caesar, and
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upon the transverse diameter of the jH'lvic brim, the contention that their
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may have grown fast, leaving a narrow slit or space beneath ;
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1st Lieutenant Lemuel T. Delaney, Med-ORC, (Colored) 212 N. State St.,
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pulse, parched tongue, loss of appetite, but uncontrollable thirst, and great
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