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hearing, the operator was to be congratulated upon the result.

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extremities disposed to be cold. The tongue was clean

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perience related by Dr. Edes. and that his supposed

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of this kind a year or two ago. A friend of mine was staying with me,

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of the first changes which ensued was the desquamation of the

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unwonted violence, hurrying with demoniac ferocity large

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completely divided all influence of the nervous centre ceases to act

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growth in the hn'g(i bowel. He treated her with olive oil injec-

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though a number had already left the city, the attendance was

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used for the purpose of endowing the laboratory. The build-

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by-the-way, is not infrequent in advancing phthisis, but besides

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yellow light by the seamed mirror, he sits still, crooning

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cophytina or t. versicolor. In scabies it was I Anomalous drug eruptions are due to idiosyn-

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and it is a most interesting fact to note that on the day

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tumor, 8 cm. in diameter, which has a broad, firm base and a roughened surface. This

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conclusions at which they arrived — the partisans of each equally positive in

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ing in the over-straining, and pressing upon tiie superior

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villous fibromata, the villi containing fibrous tissue

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under consideration. It has also been my experience to

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at the spot corresponding with the umbilicus were both mem-

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fixed. I therefore gave it as my opinion that excision of the

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easy to understand the successful effect obtained by com-

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This work is an elaboration of the Discourse on Public

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eggs. In order to get large numbers for some of the experiments the eggs were in

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eases. The compilation of the 6th annual report has been com-

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this, however, will never become embarrassing, as the microscopic