had two fits in the day. Ordered to take strychnine, which
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has made a most industrious collection of the previous
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Medical Journal gives the technique of its use as follows :
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attended with dropsy, except perhaps, to a slight extent, when
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could be completely rotated vertically and transversely,
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lowish hue. The pallor is often most dibtinctly pronounced upon the
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beavers dig canals from the stream to the wood, in order to provide the
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Monday, October 28th: Medical Society of the County of New
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patient, but left the decision to him, and only urged that, in
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especially the respiratory centre, and there is sometimes a
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If, then, our main endeavor ia to avoid peritonitis, what shall
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cancerous disease hogan about four years ago by tlie develop-
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dispensable for its transmission. Again a region may seem unsus-
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side. He could talk, but the speech was muffled. His mind was a little
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obvious cause, and characterized by an abrupt onset, active
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spasmodically flilly extended ; the &ce becomes
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removed, the breach is repaired by an exudation from the
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continued during the progrefs of the complaint, they are, at this
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Feb 25 Tumor Conference, Dakota Midwest Cancer Institute - 12:00 noon McKennan Campus, Info: Norma Wise, 339-
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is inserted into the gastric tube to facilitate its entering
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used for the purchase of needed scientific equipment
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He thorou'^hly helieved that positive diaj^nosis of
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overlies the Sylvian point; but for purposes of ligation the vessel
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horn blood bank (may contain up to 30 mEq ot potassium per titer ol plasma or up to
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habits, but nothing to lead to a suspicion of the fearful contention which may
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A complete reorganization baa been effected during the past year. Largely increased hospital facilities have been assures
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which will detach the sloughs from the animated flesh ; the Greeks have termed them
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long delayed. Their excessive death-rate shows that there
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Oliver" says a single instillation of jIq grain of Scopolamin pro-
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nounced the condenser discharges to be much more effi-
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tlie heart is enfeebled, and soon overworked by its
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new "territory," FTC officials, he relates, a()pear to view
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does not differ from ordinary pneumonitis. As in the latter, the exuda-
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pate the liver, as we do the kidneys, notice the symptoms of poisoning, and
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and cyanosis more readily than in the ordinary forms
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nities of observation: 1. Cirrhosis and other forms of chronic atrophy of the liver ;
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a fine white powder having a sweetish taste. He did not suffer from any
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