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been in office, but I cannot refrain from urging you

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localized peritonitis expectantly and operate later rather than to risk

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of the Rolandic area and of the occipital lobe. Occasionally, however,

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fail, and often materially accelerate a cure in cases where all, save the

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is a suspicious case of typhoid in the wards, and most careful

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distributed to the dura mater. It has also been supposed that the sensory

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ful examination of various pointQ upon which either accurate

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normal appearance or sensitiveness, in the perineal

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Anusol, claimed to be the bismuth salt of iodo-resorcin-sul-

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years ago will serve to illustrate the simple but effec-

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or other vein is opened, the blood trickles from it, black, thick,

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friends he soon acquired a fair practice, and this he kept

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immobile, showing no reaction to light or for accommodation, but dilating

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water, witli the addition of a small quantity of alco-

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sprinkling a thin layer of kerosene upon the surface of the water in which

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consequence of this, give rise to precisely the same symptoms."

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will follow this condition, rather than to the cause of the condition. And

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society during the last half dozen decades that we may

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in sudden bursts, so as to be at times perceptible by its odour. By respiring

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seen uric acid sediments in which the crystals formed small rhombic

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mittee on Mental Hygiene" of the State Charities' Aid Association

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cases, adolescent psychoses of a more partial kind are apt to occur ; such

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symptoms, such as headache, appear to follow the con-

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remove bacteria circulating in the systemic circulation.

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to add to this labor the work of clearing the circulation of

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With Marked Beneficial Action Upon the Nervous System. To be Relied Upon

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stances which, perhaps, had rather fixed the matter on their minds. It was

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also occur where the sewerage is in perfect condition ; they

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occurred suddenly four yeare ago. and ha<l continued

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minger relates a case in which he combined the use of

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patient, and he consented to my making a second attempt todeal

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with much pain from the contracting of the inflamed walls, is

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gaftric is in every inftance fafe, ftill it is to be remarked, that

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production of solubility plays the most important r61e.

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fect. He gave with it good food, one or two grains of

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Rarely, the amaurosis not infrequently met with in the contracted kidney