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and spinal cord, as arising from venereal infection. When

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potency in small doses given at short intervals. Dr. Dessau has

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the bladder. One or several of the foregoing causes may exist at

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is about \h inches to the splenic side, and 2 inches above the

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ously, by a " doctor " whose advertisement he had read,

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practicing visualizing or crystal-gazing when hunting for a lost word

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expiration. The sound is like that of the loudly-whispered vowel repre-

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At the autopsy, in such cases, all the organs of animal life were

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of muscles of neck; later spreads tetanic contraction of the extremities

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I do not remember Lister, I am sorry to say, but he left behind

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cessive outbreaks of the disease at many distinct jx)iuts of origin.

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scrotum, the tumour was easily made to disappear without any gur-

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time of adolescence to old age), and the malnutrition,

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wound at once, using a good, strong needle and silk thread,

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under full and generous diet, with cod-liver oil, he seemed to improve,

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and might be the cause of subsequent mischief. For my own

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with no further result; 2:49 p.m., cocaine gr. ^, re-

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(i) " Discas!! Ocrm-', their Real Nature," p. 61. London. 1870.

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basket around the periphery, and a second around the nu-

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fit, or shouts out "fire," " thieA^es " or "murder," or pours forth a con-

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Legs stretched by their weight alone, the flat of the thighs and knees

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being only 19.3, and the extremes 10 and 45 ; and the mean period of admission

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iTIill8(C.K.) Pain in the feet. J. Nerv. & Ment. Dis.,

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ilar to, if not identical with this, thougli they think it too

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cytes of a series of animals of the same species respond to the same

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