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highly contt^ious, and spreads rapidly from individual to individual, and from flock

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non-suppurative disease of the middle ear, when surgi-

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part of the gangrenous pancreas was passed from the rectum.

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ventricosus. [Abstract of 1890 e, bv A. Barrier] <Ibidem (15), 15 aoiit, p. 518.

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he asserts that the law has no exception, and that if a certain

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tial sign — the position of the liver and the presence and position

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inflammatirai consist, in nuwt cases, in more or less intense capillary

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mended, with or without iodide of potassium — Gibert's syrup, for instance,

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Thomson and Howard have (if truth be allowed to decide) treated it with

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should general diet be permitted. Any lesions of the intestine will cer-

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pain in the left knee, for which she had been under treatment

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marshes abound, in which the moisture and temperature

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cannot, as in dogs, be referred to the earth, sand, and unsuitable materials

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one by Mr. Mayo in 1841, and one by Mr. Sands Cox in 1844.

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used extensively to keep ofi* witches and all sorts of evil

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the considerable nervous and vascular excitement which these paroxysms

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on the head and breast. The pain ceased in the evening, the tumid

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cases have l>een reported to date and the usual number of deaths are recorded.

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serve for two months on the Visiting Committee, one Trustee

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covered quickly. I expect the patient will have a return of the syncope, as he

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I now proceed to state the measures by which those rules must be replaced.

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inflammation, so far from increasing the volume of the parts

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a larger percentage of albumin than normal, the amount of urine being

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antecedent hypersesthesia, to mark out the area of the coming herpetic

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and Spinal Localization, and the Later Methods employed