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cases, as in each case the erysipelas came by spreading from a

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The Systematic Treatment of Gonorrhcea in the Male, by Norman Lumb, 0. B.E.

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Regis says: "There exists in no part of tlie economy

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Am. Acad. M., [Easton, Pa.], 1896, ii, 603-614. Also : Med.

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narrowing the wound still more and approximating the parts

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away big ; and by the injecting of ol. hihi-icorum, cured

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quently allowing backward or regurgitant currents ; third, lesions which in-

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autopsy no gross lesion is observable, will be shown to reveal degenerative

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jaw of that side. The shghtest touch of the integument

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To the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

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unilateral and Mineral movements accounts in a most satisfactoiy manner

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A. Treatment at the onset. This must depend upon the diagnosis

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?. numeration of the principal morbid appearances, observed in these

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genic material finds its way into the system, recovery is to be antici-

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pulp. Bice and amylaceous pulp should have no place in the diet of

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Although the spots on her tonsils had disappeared, the

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thirteen cases of malignant fever had been reported to the

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chitis, congestion, pneumonia, or some other inflammatory pro-

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general health. It is difficult — or, rather, impossible — to distinguish in the

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exactly. If there is any error {e.g., connecting the two sentences

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turbed by the searching operations of the Boston Medical and Surgical

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relapse is similar to what appears to be the case in

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dinotes in severe cases, as in other acute exanthemata,

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ter, and fastening itself in so remarkable a way on

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break out on its borders, by which means the affection runs a very pro-

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the lateral portions, consequently much less depression of the median

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pleura by foreign bodies, by aspiration, or from a broken

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^Stxidiesfrom The Rockefeller Inst, of Med. Res., 1904,2, p. 121.

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for years and are now approaching, perhaps, the fatal

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epileptic convulsions by injuries inflicted on the spinal cord^ adopts

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I saw my Bepresentatlve, and called his attention to the linportance