have done so have repeatedly written us stating how con-
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plan of the work, and the present volume is the result of this
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right lung and liver ; both successfully removed . . . 115
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forceps and revealed a tear in the dura about 8 mm. in length. The
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■wanting practitioners who affirm that they never
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in the dejecta of persons suffering from dysentery, and in two fatal
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vigorously while being dressed, with the result that a coil of
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hindered by numerous complications and sequelae is the rule. The
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the temperature proper for digestion — and by carefully studying other
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IHOK was the first rcriiordcfi oti(! in the I'nitcd States in
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decorum illustrate some of the natural foibles of more cultured
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second generation of St. Mary's Hospital to occupy the posi-
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ALLOPATHIC TREATMENT. Cold in the head generally requirer
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Cottage Plan for Treating Epileptics.— At the third
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another, and by a diligent attention to dryness, by means of a constant
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The sensible procedure recently adopted in this State, pro-
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Being confident of the purity of the milk and public
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formed cystotomy for relief of cystitis, but these cases
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Sugar normally present in urine in different pathological as well as in
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veloped in the fifth week of illness. In Case V cystitis
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reader, I venture to hope, will there find, at mischiefs induced, as described with great
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of blood, the stomach contents may present the color of weak coffee.
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were the only children of an old naval Surgeon, who settled in general
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made the rounds of the medical and lay press, as well as for its
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never usf splints in the treatnx-nt of this fracture, not-
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mittee without authority, I take it there is no need of re-
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with iodine, incised, or subjected to any of the various modes of treat-
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claudication, but far less sensitive, 1 1 one looks for ischemic