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The Council also during the year was called to mourn the death of a highly esteemed
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subcutaneous cellular tissue, serosity in the belly, the liver being reduced
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The Small pox Epidemie. — Mr. LiDDLE spoke of the necessity of
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caustic bougies. In cases where a disposition to spasm is observed, bleeding,
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personal considerations, and did not choose to vote upon the question.
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entire strangers, the desire to communicate with him and the
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stitution of the Council, which, if they do not imply grave condemna-
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relaxed. From this time till his death, he had more or less diarrhcea.
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family to keep them there. For such the Hospital is
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Scarlet Fi-er. — Dr. ALDIS read a paper on Scarlet Fever for ten
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I was assisted at the operation by Mr. Corbyn, Garrison Surgeon of Fort
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as one moreover not always free from inconveniences; and they condemn injec-
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mass or as much as can be severed and brought away. This course is the same
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benefit to their health and cheerfulness. The sitaation
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694; poor-law dispensaries and medical relief, 331;
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Milk drawn shortly after parturition, differs in its physical and chemical
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point of importance, though not dwelt upon by our author; an instance,
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State Farm of all the patients supported here by towns
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rises to a certain degree, and thoroughly drench the
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cortical fibres of the great pectoral muscle divided if necessary ; the
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officers without more pay. He remarked that the Poor-law medical
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a claim alike on their grateful appreciation, and their
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more grievous as years roll on, is a most gratifying addi-
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4. The Registrar is hereby directed to collect the annual fee hereinbefore fixed and
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It will not be accounted rashness, by those who have looked into this
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free communication of opinions, views, and experience. But this cannot
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chronic cases, and when it is recollected that in acute rheumatism, especially,
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catching diseases, directed by a medical officer"; that in Harvard Uni-