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gress of the German Society of Surgery to be held in
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these 40 patients gave no history of gastric symptoms, while 16 had pain
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whose memory we shall probably not calumniate by regard-
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the tropaolin solution. Schultz has found in the insane cases examined by him no
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ipecacuanha is a good example, may result from the same agency ;
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Die neiiere T'lierapie der Pseudarthrosen (falsclie Geleuke)
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44 the bishop robed himself in all his mass vestments,
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as a pathological state. Heightened arterial blood-pressure is probably, in
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* Elements of Operative Surgery. By A. Tavernier. Trans, by S. D.
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priority of merit in a scientific struggle in which the numerous
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results deliver the information for the best fit for phantom repositioning.
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Anatomy, Theory ami Practice of Surgery, Midwifery and
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about the desired effects. He reports nine cases as illustrative of their
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resemblance to insects of the order of the dragon-fly.
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M. D., Professor of Institutes of INIedicine and Medical Jurisprudence,
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Association Co., had made an unauthorized use of the
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dark colour; very much contracted; otherwise normal in appearance.
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sizy fluid oozed out in great quantity. On the 2d of October,
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and encroached equally on the two lateral lobes. It was spherical, gelatinous-
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Many attempts have been made to establish a hospital of this
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and so has disease of the auditory nerve withe)ut or-
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Cumulative effects of the drug may develop in patients with impaired renal
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iodoform has long been recognized as one of the best
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of women have been given us by American authors, some of them of
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cystic or common bile duct becomes obstructed. In the first of these two
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ing well, instead of straining a family in straitened circum-
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sidered that they represented true syngamy, whicli, although occurring very
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example of their predecessors," and given a retrospect of medi-
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structures, of undetermined pathology, characterized by pain upon move-
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clinical record to support it; but inasmuch other discharge took place from ^the ear. {p)
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put them in an earthen vessel, placed in boiling water ; mix,
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dark and foul smelling pus appeared, and the intestines were exten-
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which may ensue, and the proper mode of dealing with them.
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small and sharp. No protrusion of the abdominal con-
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a gentle bellows-murmur, quite obvious to the ear and unmis-
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Measles. — This disease is sometimes mistaken for scarlet fever in