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line dye, and how difficult it is to decolorize it. The dyer's hand is
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bandage placed around the head, as in the former opera-
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Different methods of dealing with the anterior bony wall of the sinus
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the animal having developed a papular eruption on the soles of the
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filled with lead, a fact which is worth remembering.
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(.missis" London. It treats o( various diseases, but the
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1. Race Immunity. — As instances of this might be
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pose of is that of Surgery, amounting to £800. The subject
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by adjusting a nut on the screw. The bands were ce-
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or if any fragments should be unavoidably left, by applying through
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As a consequence of the above facts, this work has found
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articles in which we have reviewed the reports of these establishments, employed
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this condition. Two months after his taking to liquid
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'•■■""1.^ "-t, uitl, ...linr .iiul n.niPi.i.i, „ 1,„|,1, ;^. .,. ,, , .
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through the abdominal parietes. I believe this to be sometimes
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hospitals, nursing institutions, etc., co-operating in the elucida-
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the most marked changes are found in the capillaries and liver cells.
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2:15): ■'Woe unto him that giveth Ins neighbor drink, that
to 44.1 for women in the 80- to 84-year age group and
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annoying and troublesome cutaneous eruption with the most gratifying success. The
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by the socalled didactic method, in which the instruction is,
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gentle traction. It merely means we cannot by any apparatus main-
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Heaton's method is first to cleanse the parts anti-
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stages of syphilis as are marked by great cachexia.
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showed a bacillus of the colon-group, probably the bacillus
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telligence and common sense were above the average. The ages
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virtues of the coal tar series, and is excellent as a local sedative. But
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Lower Jaw, with extensive disfigurement of the Face
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would naturally arise from an investigation of all the circum-
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tion having a definite object. The first, to ascertain, previous
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isms. Indeed it is one of the most perishable of foodstuffs, and it is
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temporo-sphenoidal lobe and cerebellum are most commonly affected in