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ing out this indication the physician will not only be earn-
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the disease was of a mild character, while in two of
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Pathology. — Kaposi says the eruption consists of papules infiltrated
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the fine scales thrown off in this state contain the poison which, by
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the same with the whole. How else could such men s^s
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sleep quite so well as he did, or he may get off fairly soon, and yet wake up
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few hours to a day. The onset is often sudden. An individual in good
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large, there is no appreciable diminution of the respiratory function. On
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of clinical thermometers, thermometric scales, charts,
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reconstructive social activity. By the end of March the
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thing was favorable, but such conditions were not likely
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the mortality in the two types, of thirty per cent or more. The gravity
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exactly. If there is any error {e.g., connecting the two sentences
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thirty-eight hours and a half after normal respiration
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the matter named ? its composition is stated by Professor Kane to be —
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filaments. If the covering thus formed should become dis-
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view, all intermixture of races must be set aside. To prove
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patients affected with melituria, without suffering it to un-
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at least, can be smelt only by very sensitive persons ; neither
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M. Divide in pil. xxiv., quarum sumat ij. vel iij. bis quotidie.
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heartiest cordiality any opportunity, in the wards of a public
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practice are : — 1. That there are few cases in which parturition, if left to
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I have in mind a very striking case in this connection : I know a
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and stercoraceous vomiting of seventeen days' duration. The incision
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In the Anthologia Hibernica for April, 1793, we read that
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groat prevalence of that disease there. It is now believed that other
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Extensive serous accumulation within the spinal canal is called hydror-
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should be used and the eyes tested three or four times.