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was very shortly afterwards attacked, in no very measured
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tremors and incapacities — the lame, the halt and the
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thrives on the coast and on the islands, especially
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this is an inevitable accompaniment of the upright position, and that
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are occasionally noted. Slight anesthesia, especially in cases of wrist-drop,
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VII. — Displacemr.nt of the Heart due to long-standiiir/
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ship's cabin with a charcoal stove in it, and that the next morning
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Ophthalmic migraine, with its scotoma and hemianopsia,
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decolorization is obtained (Weigert's method). If the latter method
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well as in the same disorders which benefit by their inter-
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parent satisfying the magistrate that he has a "conscien-
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1872. Du diagnostic de la generalisation des tumeurs melaniques par I'examen,
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solution. In dropsical complaints, the supertartrate of potasli, to the
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of the infection is rendered probable by the demonstration of gonococci
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in the fat determinations. This is unlikely because the error would
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occurs in emaciation produced by a deficiency of the alimentary supplies
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was found difficult to bear when applied with sufficient strength. The author
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Special liability to atmospheric influences and to light. — Exposure to
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ployed, but he says that it may be used without danger in solutions
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he presented himself had appeared four years before. He said
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union in a few days being the rule. The net result is the
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the spinal roots, instead of turning up towards the brain, as had been
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Handbook of Modern Chemistry : Inorganic and Organic. By
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femur, and could not be found after free bleeding was ascertained. — It has
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Hodge forceps. The handles are five inches and a half long, ; plished, pass the needles, armed with silver wire, one in
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times in laboratory reports in cases that were manifestly affected
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disease," are reckoned, in addition to tlie ai>pearances beU
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the sesamoid bones into their places. This descent and ascent
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ranks than is often met with. This is to be accounted for partly
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living, three died in early infancy, one stillborn.
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deserves preference. The oblique canal produced by it will close spon-
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work in the special fields of general surgery and in the surgical specialties. Opportunities
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these things are to be considered : (1) The preserving of them, (2) the
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DeinonstralioneinerBeleuchtungsvorrichtung. Verliandl.