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committee appointed to report in regard to the circular of Indiana
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vulsions the symptoms are identically those of epilepsy.
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arrive at that period in from 8 to 10 years. A case occurred at
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symptoms, presenting themselves in badly treated cases of
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Xo one can doubt, I think, on running his eye over the above case>, that
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almost directly forwards. The hyo-glossus and genio-
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to speak out, frankly and fearlessly the gushing sentiments of honest ap-
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the middle portion of the incision, the prtuberance of the tumor came out.
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Second Day— Wednesday, October 6, 1897 — Morning Session, 9:30 o'clock.
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We say important to the political economist — it is so; since it in-
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suddenly as not to be really the same at any two consecutive
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easyaceess to two hospitals, well filled with patients. In one. regular clinics
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drops of carbolic acid, ten grains of powdered camphor to the
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carbonic acid being prevented by the tenacity of the dough, the
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By experiment and by observation, then, we are led to these
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all which may be excited by the presence of an exostosis, a tumour,
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realize until you feel the responsibilities of such a situation by actual
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competent may be willing to render the services for half the sum
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the stomach, and inducing morbid irritability and diseased action^
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increased by the author's individual experience, presented in the
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obvious; in fact the peritoneal cavity was full of fluid; another
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granted that those persons who may feel any particular interest in
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allowing a free escape to the sainous pus and serum. I also
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her ; " son intelligence etait au niveau de celle des gens de son espece. M
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during a skilful attempt to extract a piece of metal.
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ition, where there is not time to introduce food in the
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and a few extracts from his letter, will enable Dr. Davis, and tae able edi-
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<sity of Michigan has possessed no organ — its wants have never
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inflammation, I would distinguish it as irritant; and as it descends
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hended. Her symptoms now became much more unfavorable,
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priority, in this number of the Independent. It is very evident that
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favorite melodies from Moore. Yet, notwithstanding this serious
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per cent, of a dose of ferratin introduced into the stomach of a
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ful in the treatment of febrile affections generally, they should
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arise in practice % If the principal phenomena, those, which consti-
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York Journal of Medicine, contains a very elaborate and interesting
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1857 Hitchcock's Cases — Perforation of tlie Uterus. 325
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rus dissolved in alcohol neither acts as a sedative nor as a poison,
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creation, who, like the Amarnt of Milton, throw their shadows and
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be done by defining more accurately the precise method of proce-
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Indeed, should several days have passed before sur-