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of the intestine up to the year of Braun's publication.
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Highest in sun — extremes (Fri.) 57 degs. ; (Mon.) 43.3 degs.
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disease assumed a malignant type, attended with black vomit. In the
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the one in the usual position. The ureter may in this case be best
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inflammatory thickening with adhesions and occasionally to per-
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Dr. Campbell — I desire to move the series of resolutions that have been laid on the
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were about twenty, but there is a great doubt whether they were not
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obtained in tenotomy and myotomy in torticollis may perhaps be
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appetite, constipation, scanty and highly colored urine, associated
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paracentesis, about 23 pounds of fluid were drawn off. It col-
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Everett 1 each. From malarial fever Charleston 4, Brooklyn 3,
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thus singled out the pi'ofession of dentist from among the specialties of surgery,
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To the description of j^laucoma, as given in treatises upon dis-
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the optic commissure. It seems remarkable also that
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the diagnosis. I am quite convinced that many syphilitic headaches are
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Jacobsen reports the effects of 50 gm. of white bread on the blood
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cure. The veterinarian for dogs had not yet become an
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anxiety. The presence of the solid oedema of the fauces
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The Aplijsia, one of the molluscs, furnishes an example of an
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City Free Dispensary, and New and Well-Equipped Laboratories, all under the exclusive control of the
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This heated air circulating through the air-space pre-
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increased. A third crushing was done on January 16th, and a
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growth of tubercle bacilli in the lungs. The streptococcus increases
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been done in the first instance in all cases of strangu-
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That this is the usual process seems highly probable,
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'Fordyce: New York Medical Journal, Sept. 28, 1914.
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been completed, and we herewith send you a report of
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(the range being 40 to 60 C). We found (Experiment E) that an
ject, I wish to say that I was first led to observe the emotional
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portant bearing upon the treatment, of various forms* of
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