Malignant Disease of the Extremities. — Cases, eighty-

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does not prove what was the direct cause of the death of

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„ „ vessels — Nsevus, Aneurysm by anastomosis.

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The only preparations of gelatine extant when we made the

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the body, followed by the discharge from the protoplasm of several filamentous

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linen, sticking plaster, and other dressing which contained the agents

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The German Course substitutes two and one-half years (100 weeks)

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ordinary way with buried silver wire, which up to this time has given

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the one hand, the obscure discharge is much more active than the elec-

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now the practitioner wishes judgment on the fresh case in hand which

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of auto-infection — ^while ventilation is so essential, chilling

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ditions, and will differ as these are referred to toxemia alone or

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chir. Klin, in Greifswald 1882-3, Wien u. Leipz., 1884, 162-

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mann. The esophagoscope should be used last in a routine examination, there

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quently stood as high as .50, at 7 a. m. ; at 3 p. m. at

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ritability of the gastric nerves should have been pro-

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cerous, was proved by examination at the time of its removal, and

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chancre, and the other to soft chancre ;" both diseases being due to a

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parts. I have known sane persons to endeavor to get

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has been my experience that there is a strong tendency to recovery