done, nor am I aware of any that have been made by others.

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In closing, this effort of ours to once again restore the

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ation. This has often been observed before, but Dr. Boisson explains

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C. Influence of paraffining cheese on shrinkage during curing 33

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jiatients to aid them in regaining a normal condition of health.

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Prof. George B. Wood attributes a curative influence to the oil of tur-

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nearly the whole length : the surface of the wound was of a deep scarlet

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heart, all of which would pass off in a few minutes.

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Henry Frowde and Hodder & Stoughton. J919. (31s. 6d. net.)

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proved to be erysipelas of the head and face. In this case the mucilage of

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menced in the alveolar process of the bone and sockets of the

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main pipes were used, jointed with yarn and lead, depth of lead being

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practical efficiency, which the public will not be slow to appreciate. One

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for lack of proper treatment. 2. There is still a place for the

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ment (pre-employment physicals) to rehabilitation. To be