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Bradycardia, or slow beating of the heart, is attributed to irritation

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of mucus. Death from laryngeal asphyxia has resulted in these cases ;

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third, restriction to a largely farinaceous, non-irritating diet, and careful

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image was paretic. The best but not altogether satisfactory explanation

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In the gray matter of the spinal cord are situated the trophic cells

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What was said of the use of respiratory stimulants and artificial respira-

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tint not only of the face itself, but also of the conjunctiva, and by its

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of Quebec, embracing a plan for keeping out cholera by quarantine, was

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upward and forward by the fingers inserted behind its angle.

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or fibrous degeneration, as to be unable to hold the valve-curtains in

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does not produce after-depression one-eighth to one-quarter of a grain

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occurs, the muscular coat is exposed, the subperitoneal tissue may be

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is warm, and that the whole process is gone through as quickly as pos-

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chills and wide variations in the course of the temperature.

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continued in same amount, and at like intervals, as on the day pre-

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cally unknown, but in a number of cases tartar emetic has been given

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this operation has been much less of late years, than was formerly the

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in atrophy due to chronic endaortitis the composition of the urine may

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TREATMENT. Mediastinal tumors, so far as their therapeusis is con-

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or similar loss of function may be the result of a permanent brain de-

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It is impossible to lay down with any accuracy the amount of food ;

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The greatest difficulty is sometimes experienced in distinguishing

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present in the blood and no endocarditis result, and endocarditis is only

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greatest frequency between the third and the fifth day, although sponta-

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Indeed, it would seem from these statistics that when the serum treatment

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parenchymatous degeneration of the nerve-elements, with hyperplasia

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from the invasion of the bacillus. They are seated superficially, and

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and brown atrophy of the heart or simple atrophy of the kidney result.

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all cases of headache and digestive disturbance of obscure origin, and

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Affections of the bones in scrofula are those of a chronic character

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below the lateral angle of the fourth ventricle, immediately in front of

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