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liquid of a serous or watery character. Considerable dilatation of the

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patch, of about the size of a half-crown, and extend-

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One other possibility should have been considered, namely:

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of the head without hydrocephalus. Another affection, the relations of

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normal condition, and to enable the system at large

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pected, of malignancy. The patient, however not only entirely recovered from

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were made of pasteboard." The stools are more or less frequent, very offen-

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nary dimensions, be sufficient to distinguish them. The encephaloid

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be careful that the departments of practice detached by it did not become

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Weed. — Grows in dry open places all over the United States,

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the fits were frequent, and as lips and tongue were bitten, it

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muscular hypertrophy, and in some forms of palpitation.

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that vigorous subjects are often attacked, the poorly

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with, and, as I am satisfied, in consequence of its operation upon the

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bid products — some constitueuts of the blood or of the

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speed with which it leads to a fatal tissue, tive poisoning. A pathological increase of

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pathological laboratory to a certain number of stu-

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progress. The hosts of homoeopaths, hydropaths, and other

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The personal factor must also be taken into account. The farmer's wife — a

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disseminate sclerosis is that in which motor weakness preponderates and

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occasions in neighboring parts and organs in conse-

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handled by neutralizing the acids. Sodium bicarbonate

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a patient with valvular disease, etc. The entire loss of consciousness,

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led Dr. Tyson to diagnosticate sarcoma of the lung, and in this opinion he

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sisting of a catheter-staff, a whalebone guide-bougie, and a

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be more charity done ; the physician could afford it, and undoubtedly

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of prohibiting them from practising in the vicinity of London.

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temporal arteritis in patients with polymyalgia rheu-