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extremities, and inability to maintain the erect posture, yet usually sat most

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of perforations, that while the internal surface is slough-

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Curry urges the necessity of systematic blood-examinations

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2. Hcniopliilous ]);i('illi were foiiiKl in four of iho five cases,

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movement enabling them to perform wonderful feats. A classification

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multiple incisions and scarifications, designed to pennit

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stances that disturb the equilibrium of the circula-

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In almost all these cases the mental disturlmnce is either oln-iously

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question that must be left to the judgment of the surgeon. If the con-

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through him, and supposed, of course, that he was lost. This, however,

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disease is usually ushered in with repeated fits of chilliness or a distinct

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be profitably exercised at a later age, so as to insure the best

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same manner as above and the reaction obtained as before. —

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parents and nurses — viz, that, after warm baths and various

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ticed a small amount of blood in the stools. For the

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In these 70 families there happened altogether 175 cases, of

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digested, yet from the immediate improvement in well-being and

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Dr. Kidd said the specimen which he now brought under their notice

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the fifth to the legs again, and so on. The preoise order in wUdi fte

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Skin diseases. He says this Water, diank habitually, is the most

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worth, to Edith AdeUne, youngest daughter of the Eev. J. C. Oartwright,

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schools. As one example out of many to the contrary, we

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measure while treating of the management of the symptoms, as it

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drawn backwards and to one side ; the limbs are contracted ; the hand is

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and fearlessly manipulate the aching limbs of the gouty.

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only evincing pain or tenderness when the base of the