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Any of the foregoing doses may be given every three or four

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ning and during its progress, and what indications they show

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Sketches are given of the earliest legislation, in the different colonies, for the

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this season in the Bitter Eoot Valley than for any year of record.

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The tendency in many cases of this toward spon-

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Sir,— I request you will be good enough to allow me space in your next

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faculty the results of observations in the field. Members of a hos-

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compress the pneumogastric or apply electric stimulation. The patient should

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tously. Some of his patients are never able to pay him, and he

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perhaps the only evidence of renal implication is the temporary presence

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up the tongue. In general just as little medicine as

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common bedbug. The British Leprosy Commission investigated the

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time, there seems to be a disturbance of the motor nerves — a hyper-

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constricted part of the urethra either in the form of a

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adds greatly to the lUHicnlty of feeding the patient.

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individual bodies are vesicles containing serous fluid, and giving them a

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The previous diarrhoea in this case acted as a predisposing

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; the career of the disease is shorter than that of t^^hoid fever,

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he wakes up may be free from pain. In some cases, and particularly when

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non-fatal cases. It is probably an indication of considerable severity

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The value of the elastic ligature method lies in the

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duty it is to examine such preparations as are vended

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of the patients coming into the surgical wards of the

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have their cattle treated with the protective serum. Similar

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punkas, or fans, as well as, where obtainable, electric fans, is serviceable