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intestinal symptoms. He has had a recurrence every year since. He became

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nuity of the tissues was secured by ligating, clamping, or cutting. Liga-

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sufficiency and stenosis. In such cases, along with the general signs

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has been done by those who have been the subjects of aortic aneur-

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which can be heard everywhere over the chest. These conditions

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blood stream. We have, however, experimental evidence showing

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Another very frequent and important association of arterioscle-

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menstruation in the women is often x^rofuse. The proved relationship

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ber 11 the fourth treatment caused a severe reaction with excessive pain, and the

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instances of prolonged pulmonary infection, very possibly inaugurated

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mann reaction in the blood became negative ; in the spinal fluid it was changed

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of muscular fibre-cells in the thickened arterioles of chronic Bright' s

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tion should not be judged merely by the changes in physical signs.

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lived in North Carolina. Mortality statistics were not available. W. S. died,

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Studies Based on New Methods of Intravitam Staining, Lancet, London, 1912

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of them gave a history which would suggest any previous disease of

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Fetzer : Archiv fiir physiologische Heilkunde, 1849.

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tous throughout, but is firm and brawny, the skin being tight and

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It seems from the somewhat limited evidence available that the

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recurrence in the third year; (9) those without definite record in the

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different from malnutrition as the term is generally understood. Thus

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as to amount or its balance. The catabolism of sulphur, however,

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for 116,673 cases of consumption was 443-4 per 1000, which signifies,

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