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Translated from the French, with additions and notes by
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1891. Mason, A. Lawrence, M.D., 265 Clarendon St., Boston.
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work was for so long a time associated in the production of authoritative
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extreme state of emaciation to which Freeman was reduced, that
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in the centre of the stage. To one of the long slides of the brass stage
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however, to the local action of agents applied to the
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discharging its contents into the body cavity of the
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severe shock from electricity— a female clerk of high
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would be quite as effectual as the total removal of the testicle ; as it
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Circulation must be published; it must be printed in any issue in October or the first printed issue after October, it the publication is not
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instances this and other disease germs, or the organ-
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ver)' little, if any, dilated if called early, but if labor pains have actually
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Bednar's ajihthre, stomatitis catarrhalis, thrush, etc.). Dr.
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commission of physicians to pass upon it. It was, in
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by scissors curved on the flat, so that the j)iece of skin looks like
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chusetts, on the establishment of a new College of Physicians in Boston.
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the crude drug. This result is obtained by percolation
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to note that the muscular contractions are excited and increased by all
We performed this most interesting autopsy of the body of the
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In order to discuss and decide upon these questions, it is
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the Medical Sciences from the pen of Dr. Batt, of Phcenix-
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other alternative — namely, that of sending down special
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In other races not previously ex]X)sed to it, syphilis, if intro-
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Gentlemen, — In submitting to you this, my fourth annual clinical
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tirely bald. It is often the case that he becomes nearly
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curs in epidemic form among natives. Spirillum fever,
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even on drinking cold water, and there has been no action of the bowels.
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vessels or germ invasion. It was seen more commonly
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out of 5 cases were fatal in the Vienna clinic. Out of
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due to niixeil infection. The diagnosis would rest' ultimately