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in the presence of the two kinds of platelets. In general, the clotting

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cases. The objection to it was not that the round ligaments

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February 19th. He had then been unable to attend to

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M. Dastre thought that the facts related by M. Quin-

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expiration. The sound is like that of the loudly-whispered vowel repre-

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Case 1. — Infant, \^ years. Ill three weeks with wasting and vomiting.

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1889. Walcott, Henry P., M.D., 11 Waterhouse St., Cambridge,

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(and uniformly with success) is that by seton. He passes a single thread of

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desquamated epithelial cells in the collapsed alveoli. Atelectasis of portions

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blue, which has been diluted with carbol-fuchsin. The pres-

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of reaction have preserved their distinct characters so

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shape, was found attached to the upper pole of the right kidney, which

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was about eight ounces ; but as no preparation had been made

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is confined to the cavity of the antrum, but when once it has

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their fluid contents during operation. The continuous flow of fluid

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years before. After three or four visits Dr. Chadwick had been one day

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epigastric pain and sickness coming on at intervals of a few

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other symptoms. The urine may be a pure culture of plague

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involvement of its tissues in the growth, or for other reasons, the globe

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High leucocytosis, chills and high fever of a typically septic type

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spirits of lavendiT, or the extnict of valerian, may lt>e prt»seril>e<l forthi?

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opened or tapped through tlie loin without benefit. 3.

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slowly occurs, the blood accumulates in all the vessels of the

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diaphoretics; for in these, as the temperature is raised, the vessels dilate and

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countries is almost legion, and hence in some particular