of the male urethra. Anatomically, it is not distinguishable from non-
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from thirty minutes to two hours. When relieved she would continue
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state. There was no retinal or choroidal complication, though the media
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rubber drain inserted and stitched to the integument.
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the names of the several products for which licenses have been granted.
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lucinations. panic states, and hyperpyrexia may be manifesta-
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As we stated in the 1920 report, we have had no opportunity for
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a few days and made this possible by enlisting the interest of a
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modest, but with the regularity and certainty of the pur-
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their unresisting tendency under general treatment. In
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tion, responding to questions, and describing his sensa-
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expressed his belief in that direction many years ago, and
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remaining much weaker than the left for several weeks. All
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"modu mehe" or honey urine. Notwithstanding these references to the
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bronchopneumonia; temperature. 104.2 F. ; leukocyte count, 6.600. For 2 days
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serous fluid, whilst the vessels, particularly the veins, often
and such preliminary ligation is impracticable. For these cases
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au point de vue oe la patbog6uie des tissures o.sseuses de
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A pinhead-sized papulo-pustule forms, which enlarges to the
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the average nonbattle admission rates as shown for CONUS in tables
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tion generally with gummata. The clinical features are not
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lar visceral pedicle, consisting of blood-vessels, nerves, lymphatics,
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accident cases to a diM-tor, he siiid that he was doin>:
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for infection are not to be applied to these cases. In
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terfere to check a practice which is certainly liable to lead to evil results :
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Mrs. S., aged 56 years, was attacked, in December last, with the
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Auricular Flutter, The Archivks Int. Med., 1915, 16, 517.
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microscope characteristic convoluted, irregularly swollen and sausage-
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tachment. The second case, a woman, aged thirty-one,
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being ineffectual, a more careful physical examination of the
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of Blakeney, to Anne, only daughter ofj the late J. Cannock, Esq.,
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inches in length, which commence in a probe-point and gradually
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The Influence of Simultaneous Ligature of the External
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place themselves under the care of the superintendent
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proliferating, and the neuroglial fibers increased in density
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keeps up a constant over-fullness of the inferior hemorrhoidal veins.
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M. Divide in pil. xxiv., quarum sumat ij. vel iij. bis quotidie.
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likely to have cured a very troublesome condition. The spasm was
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cut cicd the Infirmary under my care since the views of Dr. Murchison
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midwives. During the five years ended the number of female students who
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trin.vl points in religion, of pharisaical perfection of
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branes, no smell, instantaneous deodorant, no damage to tissues, a