of the blood; hence they believe these pigments may be derived from
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renal lesion ; and always so of its extent, its weekly
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nerve which go to the muscles of the hicey but which does not involve
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early stage some rigidity of the muscles will be present when. the limb is ex-
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-*- ed in this little volume, may be deemed the particular ende-
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won* lia.Hi'd (HI tliat poiiml. Ilail moiiu« oIIut |i«'rson followcil tliiH ni|«
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tion of the ankylostoma duodenale in a case of obsti-
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times with a strong solution of muriatic acid (1 to 2). The fact
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In Februiry. 1877, Dr. Coats investigated a case which
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A. Treatment at the onset. This must depend upon the diagnosis
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had had a fracture of the humerus, no evidence of which now remained. Dur-
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While expressly disclaiming an attempt to give a complete, even a
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of rye, gallic acid, dilute sulphuric acid, and infusion of krameria ;
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Repr. from: Am. J. M. Sc., Phila., 1894, n. s., cvii.
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illogical, and being so, it fails of its intended purpose as an argument.
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nation in which the candidate is to show that he has satis-
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or anybody else's resolution, so far as this sale of the building is concerned. It is all right,,
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in tissues of the respiratory tract of patients who died of influenzal
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logical point of view, we concluded that the spirochete under discus-
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• HBTOclntni, ii. W. Tratisiation by Kawllnaon. ' Ibid., li. 77.
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mass of intussuscepted gut presented itself. The descending colon near
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save the uterus, if possible. It was a question, however, if myo-
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the blood-vessels or membranes. In two of these cases con-
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Secretary of the State Board of Medical Examiners in re the matter
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contractions. Dr. James Mackenzie has studied this subject in a most-
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the conjunctival membrane occasionally result ; and sometimes
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meaning, we may signalise the following points : — keeping the room dark
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think that the carnivorous type would thrive better
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amongst his other offices, holds that of Professor of Compara-
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little weight, or carried something heavy iu the hand.
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they pass out they unite to form the hepatic vein which enters
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12. Owings, J. C., and Smith, I. H.: Massive resections in
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toxins secreted by the worm, actual loss of blood from the
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Smallpox has sometimes followed its use, not because the lymph itself
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irritating substance finding its way into the appendix may act as
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by the force of the falling body, broken off and by its
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