•Abstract was read before the Toronto Medical Societv.

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theticophtbalmia. Internat. Clin., Phila , 1890,5. s., iv.306-

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in consequence of the effusion, several of the convolutions were found to

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Dr. T. L. McDermott: Of the twelve cases represented by the speci-

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The limits of this paper and this occasion preclude the discussion

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The paper alluded to above was read before the San Francisco

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pipe. After the windpipe has been pierced and the ani-

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failed because I took the trouble to inspect the naso-pharynx, a

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Symptoms. The severe epileptic fit is that which has always been

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the patient by securing for him good food and favourable cii'cumstances,

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nancy now than formerly is in the use of antiseptics.

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it was 18"3 per cent., whereas in eight other cases the average percentage was

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tion to each other ; yet, it constantly occurs, that the membranes

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Ixiii, 793. — $mesen (T.) Das Eucalyptusiil zuin antisep-

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tuberculous origin. All but one occurred in children.

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It is interesting to observe that not a single bad re-

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plays in the production of these (syphilides) has been re-

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the result of obstruction in some part of the urinary passages.

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An exclusive diet of milk ; ^, An exclusive diet of beef

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tnvchea of the dog or the rabbit ; or tlic cornea of the eye has been punctured

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tion have been discovered. That in the human brain such

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lostoma duodenale (Dubini) Bozzolo, 1879; Uncinaria duodenalis (Dubini) Rail-

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As to the explanation of this mode of treatment — as to whether its efficacy is due to

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that I consider contagion. (Contagious disease by direct contact).

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Primary syphilitic ulcers present many varieties ; these depend,

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sensory and motor disturbances of the lower extremities

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that malady, consumption, which so much aflflicts this

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words. On smiling, it is distinctly seen that the mouth is dragged to the left side,