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other. — London Medical Record. As an offshoot of Lis-

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matter is one which deserves, and indeed demands, consideration ; and

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the bottom of the urine, they at first sight somewhat resemble

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and degenerated nerve fibres, altered nerve cells, and granular corpuscles

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I found the most sensitive were an aqueous solution of iodine,

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mined. It was probably not due to mere aortic incompe-

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Mr. Thomas Browne at Saffron Walden. Here, too, he made

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tioned, we postponed the trial until Dr Maclean's arrival, which

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be carefully distinguished. Usually the failure to relieve the attack by

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delphia: P. Blakiston, Son, & Co., 1890. Pp. viii-16 to 214. [Price,

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Dr. I. H. Fuller, of Chicago, has located in Los Angeles and has

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Injection into Animals. — Sputum in which no tubercle bacilli can be

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acute stage they are inflamed, of a dark red appearance, and

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don, cutting each half off in opposite directions, and

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lysis, and in syphilis with tenacious lesions that do not yield to

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In approaching the consideration of discharges from the

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The name of Galen is, of course, equally well known, but he did much

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or the direction of the bullet may easily occur. — Inter-

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The dose for an adult is from one-sixth to one-half a grain,

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There is nothing economical but justice / verdict of the world of science confirms the

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In the Anthologia Hibernica for April, 1793, we read that

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Again, the medical examiner places his ear over the base of the heart

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ment (Israel, Senator, Klemperer), and at the very beginning of an acute

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nerally and so freely administered in dropsies, can

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ticular size, the inference that that patient is a proper subject for

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atheroma, and aneurysm. The several articles are of very high

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