Graham, the author of the work before us, has long considered this sub-

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invaded by this matter in the space of a few hours." Mr Mac-

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small intestine. Fatty articles may be well digested in these cases. On

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orders. It is believed that the tendency will be more and more for the

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meter. Figs. 2 and 9 represent spherical spores, much larger than those

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delphia, and calculated to make those of us in private

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lionic cells, rather than to congestion of the blood-vessels, which without doubt may

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the veins near a primary bubo may give rise to emboli. Clinically the

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ed at Leyden and republished in 1 81 2, in the Trans-

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The competing essays may cover either clinical or research investigations, should not exceed

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the practitioner, the nature of which he must be able

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Regis says: "There exists in no part of tlie economy

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articles, will please to call or direct their orders to the

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cured thus far. I have also seen hopelessly inoperable

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of the medicine. When the bottle was delivered to me on

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Now, McNeal, Ross, and Patton, hold that they are probably

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cinoma, and two had fii'st been pronounced sarcoma and

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dirty green or brownish precipitate falls ; on shaking this for a few minutes,.!

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predicted by Ziemuen^ who distinguished himself at the time of its in-

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to possess a compound microscope; yet few teachers know