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The collecting tubules are generally displaced so as to run parallel

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certain conditions and at times, to take on septic action,

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Although the spots on her tonsils had disappeared, the

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unilateral and Mineral movements accounts in a most satisfactoiy manner

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tube and ovary from the left side and a mass of tissue from the right

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analogy sought to be established between it and the varying types

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blood, regurgitation of the contents of the oesophagus occurs, thereby infecting the

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sion, so as to prevent the coagulum in it becoming disturbed, theĀ«o

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so desirable from every point of view, and suggests for-

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nerves, forming transverse lines on the trunk, or longitudinal ones on the

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to the putting away of bodies in the vaults under the

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United States Army, is ordered to proceed to Chicago,

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^hen the child sat up. The muscles were all flaccid, soft and flabby. Move-

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casein. It has been proposed by Drs. Rudisch and Jacobi of this city to

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entirely torn from its vaginal and uterine attachments. He per-

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for Sanmetto, viz., that the last bottle gives the same results as the previous one, or in

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have a peculiar grayish pink colour, the central parts are yellow on section.

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result in a condition of dysperistalsis, while a severe

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ation is not accepted by all, alcohol being often classed as an indirect

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prominent and distinctive features, Avhich the accidental infusion

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