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Proximate causes. — Exposure to wet and cold seems to have excited

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days of the disease. There are cases which are still mild after this

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Acute Intestinal Obstruction near the Junction of the

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and must be removed sooner than the specified time.

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dent of the Male Department. Candidates must be Fellows, Members,

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St. Louis University School of Medicine, and Assistant Pedia-

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Tally, B. T., Albemarle; Jeff. Med. Coll., 1921; Wake Forest, 1919 1921 1922

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instances of men suffering from the affection, which will,

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divided, the orifice in the vein closed by a lateral suture and

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to return shortly, or in a few hours, or not perhaps for

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tions of cases by different observers ; some finding it in al-

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established it postmortem in 7. A comparison was drawn

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11. Bulletins de la Societe d' Anthropologie de Paris, t. 1 et 2. Yictor

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tannin, insoluble in water and acids, but readily soluble in alka-

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found by the increase of the dulness upwards, and the accession

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whatever its import may be, as a part of the natural

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of food. The pain also appears in attacks during the night, a rather

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in the skull seem less evanescent, but in one case at least [113] they