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In cases of hemiplegia, loss of sensation is known to be more
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advantageous. When it is chronic, warm applications, as
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Foundation of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin in-
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Chicago Health Department, for the week ended November 21,
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profession ; but time alone can work out results, and
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ing after the first dose or two, but that soon passes
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able length of time after his recovery, as serious consecutive ailment, and
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other words, the dysentery germ grows, flourishes, and increases, out-
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When we examine the cases of diabetes seen in private practice, we find
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temporary loss of function of a limited area of the brain. Minute hemor-
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DiscuAsion opened by W. F. Becker, Milwaukee; Walter Kempster,
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high-dose buprenorphine perioperative precautions and management strategies
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