Reid, L. Sellyei, V. Stravino, J. Sube, R. Thompson,

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in that population! i. a table from Lee and Jones’

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either paralysis or convulsions are apt to occur in a very sudden

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almost starving him to death, so as to reduce the volume of the blood.

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had any fymptom of lues, nor have they had an opportunity of

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He perpetuates, in a handsome wood-cut, the original facade as designed by Dr.

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ter and spring in England, and, if so, to what extent ; and (2)

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8. That the board be informed that it is not the aim nor

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upon him by the provision of this act, who shall neg-

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peated in the other. By this arrangement the brain, securely

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The bones from the woman supposed to have suffered from inherited syphilis were

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cases, as supplying a definite starting point for our

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He believes that the acute gastroenterites are the result of

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Men who are careless, or sufficiently well-informed, say

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plete relief Aug. 27, 1900.*] After bronchitis ; much cough ;

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four alive and healthy at present time ; three died at ages of 3, 5, and

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bismuth is applied to a wound of the pleura or peri-

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and active mentality. Some are plethoric and corpulent.

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the physician expresses itself. A person must be mad to ex-

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small intestine. Fatty articles may be well digested in these cases. On

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sels, and presented directly to the white corpuscles, as in

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generally, as we also use the word "case," without prefixion of an

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vide for its future extinction. The consequence is that they

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pain, where it is important that the patient get out in a very short time,

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The Association was called to order by the Chairman of