vide a good safeguard, and that he believed would be attained
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cally unacquainted with the splint, although he writes
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have predominated so largely ; and I am disposed to
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Pathology: Hyperemia — 24 hours. Consolidation (some-
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that most formidable disease was met and combated. Indeed
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JSTow, amidst the soft music of leaves and tumbling waters, and the cry
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with the virus of anthrax, either attenuated or of full
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prohibition of pork in France. This has now been re-
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foot, but never the great toe. Nearly all the joints
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from rupia, are like those of ecthyma, only laiger.
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conveyed from horse to horse with fatal results through
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and settle to the bottom; if diminished, only a more or less intense
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also in cases of brain-exhaustion. Phosphorus is safe in doses of
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who, as far as practicable, should be immune and should wear suitable
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with sciatica of such a severe character that for nine
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which is treated in a seventy page article by Keen, professor of surgery at Jeffer-
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depth of water alongside the wharf is 19 feet, and there is ample
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any method of treating patients, it should have had a
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matic disease in the sense in which I have just used
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reported to be rapidly spreading to all ranks of Mexican society,
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* " Hand-book of Historical and Geographical Phthisiology," D. Ap-
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physical sense. Furtlier, the action of those rays on tuberculous
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the pericardium was dotted here and there with ecchymotic spots, and at
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often perhaps single follicles, but as they enlarge,
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is heard above the aneurism, and not a normal diastolic sound. His,
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liaiidage to prevent the relaxation of the ligaments of
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additional series of facts. Dr. Dunn, who practised for
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introduction into it of ingesta to be Avithdrawn. There is, moreover, risk of
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Present state : Somewhat childish in appearance and mind.
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columns of the Medical Record it was established that
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arm; and this has given rise to a comparison very much in favour