Announcement* giving detailed information, will be sent npo n ""plication to ROSS V. PATTERSON, M.D., 'ss-Dm
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children whose oxygenating capacity is not over taxed, and
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ings, and I am happy to express my conviction that a steadily-
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tabes dorsalis was made. The patient had had a chancre twenty-five years
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of the thorax in phthisical persons. Sometimes these pains are suffi-
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tion of its public health, and I am sure that a people
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ness to serve as attending and consulting physicians to such a
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resting autopsy of a fatal case of peritonitis with effu-
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twelve hours. If it be desired to continue the treatment,
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] Know your patient. Family, social, and financial cir-
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tory tract of children very delicate and irritable, and the
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enlightened vigour, by M. Dnruy, the present Minister of
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Philadelphia, Pa. ; Treasurer, Dr. H. P. Newman, of Chicago. Address
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trophy consequent upon obstruction, or difficulty in discharging
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with foreigners. Thus, while it was mal de Naples to the French, it was to
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perilous labors during the days in which she devoted her life to
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firmness that but slight motion is permitted between them. In the move-
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mm. Where the horizontal and vertical lines intersect small squares
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ably tlie progress of the disease. On the other hand, a patient feeble, or
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of the region involved, and with reference to the symp-
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the President on the severe vesicating application.
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this method has been employed has it faded to stop the bleeding immedi-
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of the environment, takes its place in the scheme of mystery, or has some
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lytic affections ; but I do not feel inclined to adopt it, because they are
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became invariably more or less completely anesthetized and
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cialist. If this is the case it could, of course, only be
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ited class of cases. It struck me, while listening to
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case of the former at the site of one of the former fractures. These
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ance of the patient, which in other methods is a large
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there was not much urine passing ; a little later on, the deficiency being