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Philosophy of eyestrain and of reflex ocular neuroses 23

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Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven;

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while he came to Richlands to practice in partnership with Dr. C. G.

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comfort in the abdomen, scarcely amounting to pain, for which a single

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precipitation of two colloidal systems (viz. pseudo-globulin solution and

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overdose causing vertigo, drowsiness, and even convulsions, coma,

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M and C; and once from a rusty blackbird (No. -120) strain

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.suffering before any obvious signs of cerebral mischief appeared. A very

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We are now prepared to discuss more in detail the hereditary

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ment by its coagulating power on albuminoids and its affin-

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nephritic tumor. After stagnation of the urine in the

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I2 years, when the condition was first diagnosed with the help of X-rays.

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of life. According to the experience of Dr. Wood, the disease

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was then trephined into the diaphysis close to the epiphyseal line, and a deposit

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and, perhaps, in every other. It must be acknowledged

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le vagin; ecoulement incessant des urines dans le vagin

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formities can be adequately combated only by the specialist. In-

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instance did hernia ensue ; but there was always some prominence of the

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cussion of this subject before the West London Medical-Chir-

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How can these new discoveries be used to diagnose and

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gravity and lowered solids in the fatal cases, begins early and con-

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country boys grow fat and cheery. It was hunkydory.

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tion of all German emigrants before their admission to

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frequently prevails, particularly when very extensive.

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