have long contained your several works. By handing to you

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substituted for it a piece of gold-beater's skin for securing

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larged by the addition of more than one hundred pages, and contains


Case 1. — Admitted December 16th, 1899, at age of 27, was

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a syphilitic vims ; they did not examine one witness scientifically ; they

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designed as most proper for them — but the race of mankind soon

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advances in civilization, the children are born with greater

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analogous to that which exists in the so-termed epileptic hemiplegia.

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ful cases such delay, with the possibility of immediate

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same train of symptoms. In this case there was no metustusis, as the

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4'0, and it Avas precisely the same in each of the sexes. The

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from the root of the tail. These tumors, the speaker

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cian that longer concealment or denial would prove dangerous

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Fox ; Vice-President, Drs. Seneca D. Powell, G. H. Fox,

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applied in such a way that the concavity of their edges may be

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bacilli proteus vulgaris and prodigiosus, as well as the

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Bronze Powder. The best methods of preparing these powders

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schools. As one example out of many to the contrary, we

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the weed to some extent. None of them ate very greedily, but

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from the medulla oblongata, granulations of the same appearance were seen

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and, I sometimes fear, from rough handling, pressure,

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formation of an artificial joint at the place of section.

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repeat the fumigation and the ashes and coal dust. Whitewash

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clear, take a concrete example ; for instance, in tetanus the hepto-

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also occur where the sewerage is in perfect condition ; they

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constant, and is not reported in Pepper's second case.

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was little or no literature on the subject of these parasites, it was difiicult

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sulliciently to be regarded as different varieties of one disease, but not

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less serious than might be supposed, and is quickly per-

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covering 400 cases. He reviews carefully the literature

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or no expectoration, sedative expectorants, like ipecac, the veg-

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The sickness became much more severe throughout the camp, and