gentle traction. It merely means we cannot by any apparatus main-
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professional honor, we hope effective attention may be drawn to
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never been a source of serious difliculty to anyone.
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tongue white and cold; breath cold; voice husky and weak; skin cov-
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creased rapidly iti size, and the patient's general health became much im-
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tain cases of "neglected eyes", Ann, Opbtb, &. Otol., St.
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that the Secretary state on the postal cards for the next meeting that the com-
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inflammations, that had been described as " rheumatic,"
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on mere geology as a means of exploring the beginning of
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later. The autopsy showed a general septic peritonitis,
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to inability of the muscles to sustain weight, while the muscular failure
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of the opportunity of bringing forward motions to appoint
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the most valuable drug which we thus far had for aid-
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ing for three or four weeks, it fills up more rapidly and becomes
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Hale While, Ralfe, and Donkin. Much interesting clinical experience is found in a
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ground up. It is this oil that in times becomes spoiled and
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rum, thus apparently proving the diagnosis correct.
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apy offers no advantage over the older methods of treatment.
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which may be dry or exude a sticky secretion. As the papilla can-
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a trHchcotomy should be performed in children with these multiple papilloma
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edema of legs ; no enlarged lymphatic glands ; no visible hemor-
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ALLOPATHIC TREATMENT. Cold in the head generally requirer
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profession ; with a delicacy of touch and mechanical skill as an oper-
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Pathology. — Usually the liver is enlarged and may w^eigh 3000 to
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necessary to insert a piece of new, soft, jjliant tissue
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as examples of the variations found in them: (1) In the Anophelince
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L. Michaelis have used the Weigert stain, in the following way, for the determination
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rial haematuria. Louisville M. iloiith., 1895-0, ii, 421-
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ready to assume the position of Executive Secretary of
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