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sired that BCTofuloos, tuberculous, sickly, and aupavnonated persons

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Schiperovitsch, of St. Petersburg, has given fresh kidney extract to thirty-five

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crum of which extended for a distance of seven inches

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-riflcera. Not tmfreqaently, however, they are primary. No age is

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tumor lias extended to the cortex. Involvement of the left third fn)ntal reiri<'r.

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diminished on the Tith. Notwithstanding this giddiness he

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tolerably large quantity of albumen, fat and carbo-

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five hundred epileptics under his care in the last three years, and

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coming out at the beginning of the second week, and

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Vemeuil had diagnosed cerebral compression. Blandin and Malgaigne raised

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insanity, or, at all events, of some form of insanity, is one that

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be guided by ordinary rules. Above all, the action of the bowels must be

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recovered from the operation, autopsy revealed contrac-

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and its dependencies ? To explain how the cause of fever, whatever

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wore spaces lined by similar epithelium, some with papillary

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applying a little Tannic Acid, or lint dipped in Tincture of Ferchlo-

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" It does not seem to me an unapt simile," he says (page 192), " to compare

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tacks have not in any degree been milder than the first, but have been

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Napoli, 1885, vii, 304. — Ff'-re (C.) Dn cas d'6pilepsie trau-

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disorganized that its functions were seriously embarrassed, and the quantity

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kali continually supplied to neutralize the exogenous

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social amelioration. By the organization of the institu-

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meet in consultation or assist in practice any medical

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lorty-three times-thirty-one times without and twelve times

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— the First Stage — its Xature and Results; 9. First

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be diluted in order to correspond exactly to the shade of the other. The rates of

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When a cough of the expectorating variety was difficult on

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gitis. — Dr. II. S. I'l'soN, of Cleveland, reail a paper in whicii ho

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tory examination. The shock to the system had been very severe,

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primary union with a minimum cicatrix, have suggested a

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Army Intelligence. — Official Lint of Changes in the Sta-

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to bear more discomfort, — than the majority of those in whom

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not uncommon ; nor is hysterical paraplegia or coma rare. Ee-

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Anatomical Characters — Clinical History — Pathological Character — Causation —

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best." The moral of the story I leave to my hearers.

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Before inflammation has developed, the sulphate of magnesia may

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1946. Miller, Franklin R., Jefferson Medical College.