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tissues in the neighbourhood of the wound were found infiltrated with blood, and

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thus convalescence from illness may be prolonged and recovery

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guard ready for surgical intervention. In cases in which

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those which had formed the foundation of the tuberculin treatment. It

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operatives will find themselves protected against their own

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The man went along without any trouble until the sixth day after the

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well-being of patients is reflected in the approach

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examples of this sort are found in the conveyance of puerperal fevers

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the microscope, persons unaccustomed to the employment

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stated that the minute renal arteries are much thickened in

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rabid animals, in Wttrtemberg, only twenty-eight had hydrophobia.

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for regional evidence of tuber' ulous adenitis. This syndrone evi-

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Wounds granulating well after a week. Then local applications of

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spoken of as the humidity. Two kinds of humidity are recognized :

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had had eight cases, of which two died of sepsis the

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Five years ago and more, I described a method of operation

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laid on the fact the membrane, so called, is not distinct from the tissues