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teachers of what an elementary work on the principles and
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Brothers and Co. 1893. (Large folio, pp. 69. Five dollars
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believe will be found to meet a long felt requirement. The
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sues, which may end in irregular action of the heart, syncope,
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of a saturated solution of sulphonal. The result of numerous
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known and respected by all classes. He took a great interest,
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Here is wisdom crying out in a penny paper, but how many
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consisting of the incumbent, the Nonconformist minister, the health
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with board, washing, and attendance. Applications to the Seci-etary
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The district of Sandal has been visited by a somewimt serious outbreak
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be fou' d u^eiiil Details are given for the appliratioo of the rifle splint
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plaint, the London County Council has the power, under the
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Horatian maxim Ridentem dicere verian quid vetat .' 'There is
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remedy. I regard it as useful in the prevention of disease,
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Dr. Petrini de Galatz, of Bucharest ; and Dr. Paul Joannu,
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pulse improved at first, but after from four to five minutes it
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diagnosis from the other acute febrile affections of infancy,
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service" and his "special and exceptional qualifications,"
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to Professor Newton, Magdalene College, on or before May 2r,th.
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Hospital; R. Hughes, Owens College, Manchester; A. J Hull, Guy's
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regular periodicity of events seen in cla.=sical Cheyne-Stokes
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during the week under notice. The rates in the several towns rauged from
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than appear in any measure to favour the figures on the side
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London ; Dr. M. A. Fenton, Coventry ; Mr. E. J. Fernandez, Banbury;
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denly. Tlie causes and treatment of this condition were also
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We shall no longer, then, see amongst us the portly form of
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rary Professor in the Medical Faculty of the University.
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traced through at least two generations in less than 1 per
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ters, namely: (1) Enlareement of the spleen without any
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the biniodide in excess of the iodide reagent. For I maintain that this
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could be felt over it. Anteriorly tlie percussion note was not quite dull,
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I have examined with great iuterest the microscopic sections ^ of the