cesk., V Praze, 1891, xxx. 181.— Hyde (J. K.) Syphilitic

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the one in the groin has healed up completely. Cole. Jtuor. 30 and

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different ; there is no history of a precedent focus of suppuration, there

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gall-bladder or, more commonly, to associated cholecystitis. Hepatic colic,

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test to show the presence of sugar in the urine. It

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Normal School at Oshkosh ; two of the members, Miss Huff and

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manifested, to a greater or less extent, whenever a bronchitis or common

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any disease involving them have been observed. In another group of eases

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German Spas. — The following are the numbers of vis-

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ture reached 105° in the evening. The cerebral symptoms be-

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teresting paper from Dr. Samuel Jackson of Philadelphia, on the effects

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DilataHon is apt to supervene early, owing to the weakened state of the

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regard to the relationship existing betw r een the hemolymph nodes and the

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cent) ; in 123 cases (58.6 per cent) he escaped uninjured.

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fit, or shouts out "fire," " thieA^es " or "murder," or pours forth a con-

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that the uterus was enlarged to about the size of a three months'

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stituted the principal motive among physicians for invok-

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type, and certainly have nothing in them suggestive of

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Des paralysies typhoides. Arch, denied, et phariii. mil..

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thick pus. The puncture may be made through the skin, the point of

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In almost all these cases the mental disturlmnce is either oln-iously

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raise his heels from the Hoor when sittinij he is unable

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Lilly of the Valley Essence or Oyl of Rosemary or Lavender.

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published results of treatment Avith pilocarpin confirm these theoretical

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and larger. The ulceration appears to be of a tubercular nature, but

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of junior lieutenants and the pay of assistant surgeons

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pntea, digestive troubles and decrease of urine. The dullness of

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two lingers and is prolonged downwards along tlie I'adiiil

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disc, and death from exhaustion. At the autopsy, a large

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