However it would be most important to increase the equipment of
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not fair to compare the hardy soldiers of temperate climates with the
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the thickening of the vessels, and may become atrophied,
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Persevered in till the 25th without any benefit. The pupils are quite
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(3.) It is contagious, and spreads by contagion only.
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In infants the tension is from 3 to 5 mm. lower than in adults.
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cially those involving the tibio-tarsal articulation),
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gressed along the high roads to the fortress Buku; and on the 21st
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prnplosis. Tr. Opluh. Soc. U. Kingdom, Lond.. 1^9:i-4, xiv,
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solutions were kept sterile. The cats were etherized during the
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great solidity and permanence of the plastic operation.
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people may have it, and even die of it. It is an acute inflamma-
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44,600, so that the attack-rate was about 8 per cent. From official
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either by personal contact or from articles of clothing : in a
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administer any of the above-mentioned medicines merely for
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thrombosis and extravasation of blood. This suggests that the tumour
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is suspected. Thermometric observations of the surface-tem-
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and resulted as follows : " The pancreas measured nine
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First operation (November 9, 1911) : Eight anterior triangle cleared
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Inhis: Arb. a. d. Gesammtgeb. d. Psychiat. u. Neuropath.,
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the neck of the peritoneal flask on both sides, and thus reduce
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known amount of 6 per cent gum acacia solution. Text-fig. 3 illus-
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same direction. R. Bergh tells us that the rheumatism most frequently
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sideraQoes sobre a vaccina da felire amarella. Ibid., 1886,
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most hysterical patients are unduly impressionable, both as to feelings —
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the country, and at England's door lies the responsi-
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in these situations gives, at least, a plausible ex-
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the severer forms of malaria prevailed extensively in the past, a marked
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from that process to the umbilicus." The attachment of the appendix
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in cases where there is, from any cause, an open os uteri fixed permanently
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dissociation of the venom-antivenin combination, corresponding practically to
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the ophthalmometer of Javal. I believe, when these four
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1. Gait, with Dragging of the Feet. — The patient does not push his
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party accused was labouring under such a defect of reason, from
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vious inspection, after proof has been established that it has been made