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tumor, and its collapse, was followed by alarming symptoms — which, how-
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and cardiac tumors in the adult literature , 5 - 6 but is
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some i^arts, these are the centres of fibrils which radiate
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when in the slightest degree infiltrated, since recurrence is then certain.
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found decisive in certain doubtful cases. He maintains that, in the
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Prof. Fenoglio, after observing a case of epilepsy in which a lesion of the
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4. Stiles QR, et al: Management of injuries of the thoracic and abdominal aorta. Am J
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most prominent place, both in numbers and importance, are many
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354 Kelsey, Colotomy in Disease of the Rectum. [Oct.
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Whereas, This new document, which follows this amend-
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edge presented to the membrane the better. The ordinary cataract-needle
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fore death, detailed histories and more intensive studies
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Absence of the tongue, only one genuine case being on record, and bifid
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gives a table of 82 cases of removal, all by the vaginal operation, with a
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deei)]y degraded by gratuitous medical services ; and,
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cyst and escape of its contents into adjacent hollow organs or peritoneal
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preference to the state for consideration of appointment to
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olence advocacy teams in place. These teams are com-
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arrant nonsense reminded me that the two last states
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hazard identification; basic search and rescue techniques; epi-
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tee as a standing committee of the TMA under its Division on
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susceptibility than could be accounted i'or by the greater overcrowding
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its administration. I selected my longest lithotrite,
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The oleate of copper is another oleate about which much has been
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3. Weekly Urological Clinical letter, 27:2, July 4,
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SydenLam, who, as a result perhaps of being himself a martyr to the
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Academical School of Medicine, Edinburgh. Second edition. Edin-
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loss of flesh. For the past month the emaciation had been marked and
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to the time consumed by such operations, and the exhausted condition of
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" powerful compression or an increased movement of the spirit, in con-