are often removed from asylums by their friends in the

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cal Congress of Florence was the local treatment of cancer. In

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of cases because the lateral separation of the blades allows the free

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suspected scarlet fever were admitted. It was noted that they were of

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The five cases just given, notwithstanding the impos-

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there being a large number of such groups in the cervical and lumbar

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ing: the analysis of observed facts. Where students are so overwhelmed with

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same train of symptoms. In this case there was no metustusis, as the

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ally mild stimulants. Several persons have recovered with no treatment what-

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P.S. Also ask for a copy of the Spousal Beneficiary IRA

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outbreak began. It communicated by direct openings "n-ith the drains of every

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lation he could produce tuberculosis. Many others followed in the same line;

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We are now prepared to discuss more in detail the hereditary

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complex pattern of responses in lower doses than required to produce periph-

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Sir : In your issue of this date you refer to the numer-

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attomey-at-law, prepared a bill, which was adopted by unanimous vote


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3. Accurate provision is made for maintaining the eye at the

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7. — Parkmson reports a study of TOO cases of cough

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supplies from the more distant towns in Massachusetts and New ITarap-

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Obs. I, Mary .1., one year old, just beginning to wallc. July 6,

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department than anything else in common use^ inasmuch as not only

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ovaries of the insect host, and so passing- through two genera-

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recovered. He also says that Dr. Baginsky's statement is well worth repeating:

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change from one diet to another is liable to induce coma. As it has been

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nephritic tumor. After stagnation of the urine in the

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when the mind is preoccupied with a suspicion of poisoning

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found in the " solids not fat," which in the present instance can

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physician has to perform in such a case is to carefully watch

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the dose to 10, 20, and in a few cases to 30 grains, and relied upon

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readily seen that flexion is a fairly free movement in all

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ried off a large number of victims, the deaths from this cause makiiig

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