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servation of the course of individual cases of eczema

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for some time before consciousness was lost; (2) temporary

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■which appear to be claimed as common property by

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Pathology. — ^The true diphtheritic Inflammation has for its chief patho-

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nearly suspended; in fact, for the latter I can scarcely get any labour

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we must conclude that much of our prescribing has been futile and

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officers' holidays by one-half. The Local Government Board,

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as in politics or religion, and this is the principle we believe in

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tion because the conductive fibers were cut off, and, as


numerous, the normoblastic type being in excess. Megaloblasts are rela-

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rule is to be laid down for the guidance of young men in their development ;

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tion, and in cases where the fetus has putrefitd, and portions are still left, and in

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days, with complete retention for thirty-six hours. The bladder

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limbs, all the patients recovered. Of 6 cases of primary amputation of the

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hazardous to patients of a sanguine temperament, with hurried cir*

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scarcely ever received into the hosi)ital until the second day ot

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name, but no one reading the pamphlet and being acquainted

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microscope the villi, vessels, and epithelial cells in various degrees, may

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sent to do this, and once people believed in his mission,

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he had heard of a very fatal disease which had prevailed in some portions

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Hair Microscopically Examined and Medico-legally Consid-

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as a fatty degeneration, although, when speaking of this last lesion, I

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of another animal, and finding there favorable conditions, becomes a per-

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pain. As the cancer extends, all of the rational symptoms increase in

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sound, because there is a repetition of the phenomena generally acknowledged

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run North and South, and to mark out three climatic

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rabbits, and the ba<'illi were eassily recognized by the simple stain,

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marjoram (prob. Origanum vulgare L.*; or possibly Majorana hortensis Moench) suggests the

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less. Weight loss is significant— gradual— yet there is a rela-

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salts, with less of animal matter, and in the entire absence of

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and ought to receive the preference in designating the disease.

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ptoms. His temperature rose to 104° F., his breathing became

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local society The Alan Cazort Allergy Society of Arkansas.

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tainty. In reg\rd to the action of externa! agents as causes of disease,

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twelve and half-past twelve — and half-past twelve is the

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ture, and coldness of the extremities, together with loss of appetite

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affected. When orchitis develops there is always a recrudescence of the

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panied with " essential shrinking " of the membranes. A case

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which will involve brain, nervous system, nutrition, and excretion.