Charleston, lf90, 61-71. Also: North Car. M. J., Wil-
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peared in three weeks, followed by recovery with great
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of i ■ linical cures of cancer, but order to prevent its progress upward. In the
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Both were very thin and ill, having suffered from diarrhoea and vomiting
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trouble to the Registrar than aU the duties of the Registration
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casts, and they persisted in some of the cases long
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malignant degeneration in one of them. The tumor is there
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independent of his detractors, and set up as a practising physician
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will meet with the same support that I have met, which has been al-
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with his forefinger and by occasional snips with the scissors, he frees the tongue as
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colors correctly as to shade, but each appears in its
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tions have been associated with the entrance of these substances into
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out" feeling, and a gnawing, burning sensation, rather
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1,000,000 red cells per may be regarded as moderate. Nor-
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since the commencement of the disease, or after working in that
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sweating, and acute pains in the limbs ; and death, preceded by a state of
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Joseph C. Bloodgood, M.D., Johns Hopkins University
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stood by whispering. An enema was administered, which
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the small magnet in 5 cases with preservation of the
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that the skin around the primary sore had been infected, and suggested
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of the animal body, possess certain physiological properties,
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rantable, and which, at all events, may be received
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found that the root-sheath is only swollen in the upper part. Sycosis,