poison itself. All cases do not die where local treatment is used,

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or not gram-negative motile vibrios are found, streak

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of this group are separated into three genera on the basis of the

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Resolved, That we have lost a co-worker in the ranks of homoeopathy who cannot

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brouck, Gertrude G. Bishop, B. R. Gifford, J. E. Slaught, O. E.

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young man who was catching crabs ; 3d, a serious wound in a

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systolic murmurs only. There was moderate ascites. The

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fresh culture (made in bouillon) are added and mixed. The coverslip can

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particularly in the sole of the foot and its internal border; pain

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of all, it is necessary not to forget that the dilatation by the mouth

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neatly and reliably prepared by Chas. L. Mitchell, M. D., 9th and

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again as a secondary fever develops, when suppuration takes place at

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view to this work, the plates may be regarded as most valuable typ-

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is due to the inadequacy of an organ, its symptoms may be removed by supplying

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thirty, and she has not had any of the special symptoms com-

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risen from 66 to 72 ; the impulse seemed a trifle more forcible.

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and immediately commenced to inform himself upon the literature of the new

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certain well-founded objections to Hahnemann's own explanation

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the histologic cerebral lesions are found to be exceptionally

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after its appearance, no fever of maturation took place, and the patients

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patient is most sensitive is the freedom wdth which the patient

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meningeal growth? As already noted, a gHomatous growth

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tapeworm of man. Eggs resemble those of H. nana but may be

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it would be immune from the effects of intraperitoneal injection of B.

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paper. Litmus paper, if available, may also be used ; red indicates

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to the observed weights of these healthy boys from well-to-do

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into consideration various other matters intimately connected

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is cosmopolitan. Laboratory diagnosis: gravid proglottids (seg-

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(&) Anhydrous Na 2 HP0 4 28.4 gm to 1,000 ml double dis-

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two weeks' treatment suffices for a cure. — N. A. Jour, of Homoeopathy.

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Thereafter it may be safely washed and prepared again for use.

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