but advance of the disease to the larynx is more to be dreaded in

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very evident that good nourishment and careful nursing were not

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the patient reaching some place favorable to its development, and

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so that sometimes one and sometimes another set of motions becomes

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broader in the middle, smaller at the ends, which are usually connected

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a single one of acute trichina poisoning, have been observed in southern

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longer practicable to distinguish the individual glands in the general


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from the disorder. Other observers, again, state expressly that the


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lysis and a subsequent atrophy of all the muscles of the limb af-

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become seriously implicated. In a small minority of cases,

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phied and in a state of fatty degeneration, owing to a want of exercise,

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tions which the skin undergoes in the acute and chronic infectious

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much increased, but upon calculating the daily amount supplied to the

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three, the uric acid shows the most marked alteration.

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brain, but the supply of oxygenated arterial blood that is indispensa-

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straight sinus, and obstructing the escape of blood from the ventricle,

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formation of pus-cells. The inflammation in the meninges usually ex-

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from hysteria to epilepsy may sometimes be observed, and as some

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blood in some cases, and located and was propagated in the pharynx

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irregular round spots of roseola, which here and there are often con-

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of suppurative inflammation. The disturbances of nutrition due to

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first month., it was noticed that the left elbow was swollen,

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been vaccinated. Little as we believe in the transfer of dyscrasias by

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given off from the surface of the skin. There is no doubt that, under

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that the salt is not acted upon by the gastric juice, but Lion, as the result

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become hard and rigid ; oedema, fever, and other symptoms characteris-

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fected with the severer forms have some troubles, apparently depend-

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ful destruction. Bed-sores also develop over the trochanters, elbows,

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of a wedge, with the base directed toward the pia mater. The degen-

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of circulation. The cancerous infiltration meanwhile continues to

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the best results from it, but, at the same time, forbid coitus for a sea-

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hyperaemic. Not unfrequently rupture of the spleen has been found.

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ences are more readily affected than others. Nevertheless, infection

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malignant, the other 2 cases died of gradual exhaustion, due

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ever. On admission her pulse was 96, and her temperature

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