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species may be brought to change its peculiar affinities until it will
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31. Lahey, Frank H.: In Discussion of Edwards, C. R.;
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the physician to care for the person as a private patient.
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ability upon the teachings of ten to fifteen years ago
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usuallv |.ns,.nt. Snn/n-al n.|llo^al of tl,.. tli>n,i,l in man iH..Ml,m..s tli.'
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the etiology of these spontaneous changes in the dogs than they have in
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Vergleichende untersuchungen ttber tuberkelbazillen verschiedener her-
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bland and non-irritating Privine is prepared in an isotonic aqueous solu^n buffered to a pH
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everything else living and dead. Primary, fundamental, or final
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been able, by the use of a combination of tuberculous sputa from
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tiuiisliip of tlic liver fat to t! at of llie foci'l is even more evident lliaii
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the first workman starting out on the first bed and going down to the last, by which
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Reveille upon the occasion of his starting his fifty-
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stock commissioner, the counties covered by the deputy State inspect-
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the post-mortem table, and marks one of the great epochs in medicine.
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the cooler spring months are not so susceptible as in the hot summer
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32. Cox, C. B., and Durant, M. J.: M. J. Australia 1: 320,
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date, identification being provided through the help
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diagnosis of lesions above the reach of the examin-
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Treiger “Atlas of Cardiovascular Diseases,” and Wiener “Skin Manifestations of
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A comparison of the clinical history with the anatomical findin^rs in
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They also made the statement that avian tubercle bacilli as a rule
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T},(> iipof-ssity for adjustable resistance to the transmission of different
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Fig. 7. Tubercle bacilli from culture Boy V, fifteenth generation.
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AVhen the power of miderstandinir and iiroclucinir lani.'uai.'e has hecn
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cholesterol-rich lipoid and frequently pure choles-
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ami iilMlm-tur may iMnitriu-t at tlir saiiir tiim', thus caiisin^' tin' juiiit mi wliii'li
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was generally 250 c. c. and was left unchanged during the period of
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of 45 degrees and the bottom being 2 inches higher than the floor of
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frequently and to bite her shoulders and legs. Her saliva was now
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In each such case, however, the label before being used must be submitted to the Chief of